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Who's Who

A directory of facts about notable people and subjects related to the peer to peer electronic cash system.

Rules of the website

This is a platform for collaboration using the wiki system. Pages for people and specific issues related to crypto currencies could be created to provide ease of access for information.

Contribution rules:

  • Use objective language.
  • Use the summary field to explain your modifications
  • Inline citations are required for any material challenged or likely to be challenged.
  • Uploading image of people is not allowed except for faces on people pages.
  • Doxing is not allowed, information that expose private information without owner authorization will be removed.

Donations to Who's Who

You can donate to who's who using the following address:

  • bitcoincash:qrnstkp6ydrmml3vw7rr0g3j435clv3cuc75p4axz3

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