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Bitcoin Cash Developers

Name Title/Profession
Amaury Sechet Lead developer of Bitcoin ABC
Andrea Suisani Software Developer, Bitcoin Unlimited Developer
Antony Zegers Bitcoin Cash protocol developer
Awemany BCH and Bitcoin Unlimited developer who discovered CVE-2018–17144
Calin Culianu Electron Cash developer
Chris Pacia‏ Lead backend dev for Open Bazaar, BCHD full node implementation
Chris Troutner Senior JavaScript Developer at
Freetrader Bitcoin Cash developer and member of Bitcoin Unlimited
Jonald Fyookball Electron Cash developer
Josh Ellithorpe Senior software engineer at Coinbase
Joshua Green Bitcoin Cash developer; founder of Software Verde, LLC
Mark Lundeberg BCH Software developer, PhD in physics
Peter Rizun Chief Scientist for Bitcoin Unlimited
Rosco Kalis Creator of CashScript, truffle-assertions, truffle-plugin-verify
Shammah Chancellor Was a Bitcoin Cash protocol developer
Tyler Smith Software engineer working on OpenBazaar, BCHD, and Bitcoin Cash
Tobias Ruck Bitcoin Cash Developer Lead dev at SLPDEX
Vin Armani Chief Technology Officer at CoinText


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